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International Angling Competition in the Jels Lakes

Every year Jels angling association hosts one of the biggest international completions in DK. The recurrent competition is held the last Sunday in September in the hours 6 am to 4 pm. Approx 200-250 people, both adults and children, participate every year.

The angling can be done in the "Midtsø" (middle lake) and in the "Nedersø" (lower lake). Angling is not allowed in the "Oversø" (upper lake) as it is protected, and has been since 1982.

To enter the competition you must purchase a certificate of participation. This can be done at 5.30 am from VALHAL at the open air theater on the lowerlake shores. You can start fishing at 6.00 am and the competition ends at 4.00 pm. We weigh all fish at 4.15 pm in VALHAL.

At the competition you will find many possibilities to make a good catch as the clean lakes has a large and healthy stock and a wide variety of species. Every year many fish are released the keep the stock, and over the past 20 year we have spend more than 800.000 DKK on Fry care. Over the years we have released different species, however the last years we have been assigned releasing of eels. In 2008 5000 eels were released, in 2009 7000 eels, in 2010 also 7000 eels, and in 2011 we released a total of 50000 eels divided on 2 releases. The last release of 25000 was tagged eel, which is a part of a project on tagged eel.
The stock of pikes is now all natural. We do no longer release pikes, as they are able to naturally keep up the stock.

Besides the many prices in the competition we also reward the angler of the year. This award goes to a participant chosen by the angling association, and is given a trophy sponsored by Danske Bank, Jels.

The competition will again this year, as well as the past years without a doubt gather many anglers from most parts of the country. Many also use the competition as a family tradition of fishing in the beautiful surroundings at the lakes.

When you sign in for the competition you will receive a pin, which must be visible all day and you will also receive a copy of the rules.

Angling for other purposes than the competition is prohibited on this day. This also means that fishing is not allowed in the Lakes from midnight until competition start at 6 am.

Certificate of participation:

  • Adults: 100,00 DKK.

  • Children (below 15 years old): 50,00 DKK.

The following species is a part of the competition and is the biggest fish is rewarded in each category:

  • Category 1: Pikes

  • Category 2: Walleye

  • Category 3: Eel

  • Category 4: Trout

  • Category 5: Perch

  • Category 6: Bream and Roach

  • Category 7: Carpfish

Minimum sizes (any fish below minimum MUST without exception be released back into the lake!):

  • Pikes: 60 cm.

  • Walleye: 50 cm.

  • Trout: 30 cm.

  • Eel: 45 cm.


  • The competition is open for everyone.

  • Competition area is Jels Nedersø (lower Lake) and Jels Midtsø (middle Lake).

  • Competition is the last Sunday in September from 6 am to 4 pm.

  • Competition Pin must be visible all day.

  • Only fishing from the shoreline is allowed - no boats.

  • Max 2 rods per particpant.

  • Fish below minimum sizes MUST be released back into the lake.

  • Weighing is at 4.15 pm in Valhal.

  • Certificate of participation must be shown when weighing a fish.

  • A participant can only be awarded 1 time per category.

  • After weighing has been completed in Valhal the winners will be announced.

  • Any doubts will be handled and settled by the board.

  • The managers of the competition can be found in VALHAL, by the open air theater, during the competition.

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